Pedia-Lax® Liquid Stool Softener

Pedia-Lax® Liquid Stool Softener is designed for less urgent cases when you want gradual relief over a 12- to 72-hour period. It works gently on their systems and comes in a fruit-punch-flavored liquid that mixes easily with their favorite juice or a glass of milk.

  • Formulated for kids ages 2-11
  • Designed for less urgent cases when you want gentle, gradual relief in 12-72 hours
  • Contains docusate sodium, a gentle stool softener that helps prevent dry, hard stools
  • Fruit-punch-flavored liquid mixes with your child’s favorite juice or milk
  • Kid-friendly, easy-to-dose formula
  • Contents: 4 fl. oz. per bottle
  • Drug Facts (PDF)