Constipation & Diet Advice

How To Help Constipated Children

Parents often feel helpless in dealing with their child’s constipation. Here are some tips parents and caregivers can use to help support a constipated child.

How to Manage Children’s Constipation on the Road

Traveling can make constipation worse in a child. Here are some tips to manage your child’s constipation and for a worry-free road trip.

Top Questions You’re Asking Google About Constipation In Children

Here are the top toddler constipation questions moms like you are asking Google and the answers that might surprise you.

Is This Really Constipation? It’s Not Always What You Think

Here are 5 unusual signs your child might actually be suffering from constipation.

What Triggers Toddler Constipation?

One of the most common conditions toddlers face is constipation. Learn about signs of toddler constipation and constipation triggers.

When Other Symptoms and Clues Point Toward Constipation

Most parents know what to look for when their child is constipated. Parents should know these other symptoms or clues that suggest constipation.

Pass the Fiber, Please!

54% of parents don't know how many grams of fiber children should consume daily. Read this to learn the ropes and instill lifelong healthy habits.

Tips for Keeping Your Child Hydrated

So, how much fluid do kids need? Water plays an important role in keeping kids regular, because it helps soften stools so that they are easier to pass.

Address Constipation Quickly, Then Work to Fix It

Constipation hurts. A recently updated study recommends that parents provide quick relief for constipated children and then work to solve the problem.

Bed Wetting and Accidents: Signs Your Child May Be Constipated

Constipation is a vicious cycle. There are overt signs of constipation, however, there may be certain subtle signs that can point to constipation as well.